The Team

  • Drew Newkirk

    A Manhattan resident, Drew has over ten years of psychotherapy experience, most of those in his own private practice. He works with a diverse clientele, many of whom have artistic occupations and tend to resonate with a psychotherapist who has as many creative tendencies as clinical. Whether inside the office or out, communicating the need for healing and growth has been his passion as much as it has been his career. And it’s one of the many reasons why “The Songs That Saved Your Life” matters so much to him. When he was in his late teens, Drew would spend countless hours hanging out in his older brother Chris's room, making of mix tapes – constructing just the right track listings – and talking life. These times, and these songs, helped him feel not so alone during what proved to be some painfully awkward years in high school and heartbreaking moments in college. It also provided some of the inspiration for “The Songs That Saved Your Life.” Drew still draws comfort from the music that he loved as a kid, but he hasn’t stopped adding life-saving songs to the collection. For example, listening to a song by the Swedish band Kent on a sleepless night more than a dozen years ago solidified his decision to quit his job and go to grad school for psychotherapy. And then there’s the Travis song that a Ukrainian cover band (who spoke no English aside from the lyrics they were singing) played for Drew every time he entered his favorite expats bar in Kiev during a year abroad as a volunteer that made him feel welcome, safe and somehow at home in a country whose language he couldn’t speak or understand. And then there’s “Pictures of You” by The Cure. Well, let’s save that for another time.
  • Chris Newkirk

    Chris is the co-creator of The Songs That Saved Your Life and, more illustriously, Drew’s older brother. A creative director in Manhattan, he brings almost 20 years of experience in the advertising/marketing industry to the table, not to mention several years of playing in bands, writing songs, managing bands, DJing, and, um, making mixes—the latter of which he still does for his wife and son in their Montclair, NJ home. His favorite band is The Cure.
  • Chris Marcus

    From the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, Chris has earned accolades from clients for more than fifteen years as a Director, DP, and Editor. In addition to dozens of corporate and commercial clients, Chris has shot and edited two feature-length films: I AM and Heart of the Country, both distributed by 20th Century Fox. Director -
  • Sean Jaques

    After more than a decade as a commercial producer and web developer, Sean has won numerous awards, notably winning the Big Easy Film Festival with his short film Sweetie. Primarily, Sean’s focus has been developing media for corporate clients including AT&T, Spike TV, Nickelodeon, the Golf Channel and MTV. Producer -